Scouting in Grankulla Scoutkår

Hello! How nice to know that you are interested in scouting! On this page you will find information about scouting and how scouting looks with our Scout troop in Kauniainen.

Scouting is an interesting, many-sided and useful hobby for children, young people and adults. Scouting means small and great adventures with friends. We have both indoor and outdoor activities. As a scout, you can do lots of interesting things, play, cook, go on excursions in the countryside, camp, hike, sail etc. All our activities are permeated with a spirit of togetherness where no one is left outside, and also the idea of “learning by doing”. There is a place for everyone, you are welcome as you are – young or adult. Scouting supports children’s education and stimulates them to develop both as individuals and members of a group. A scout learns everyday skills, civics, problem solving and leadership. Scouting offers teenagers of fifteen and older a well-rounded leadership training course.

Our groups

Our Scout troop, Grankulla Scoutkår, is the only Swedish-speaking scout troop in Kauniainen. We have activities for children of seven and older. The scouts of the classes 1 to 3 are called wolf cubs (vargungar), those of the classes 4 and 5 adventure scouts (äventyrsscouter) and those of the classes 6 to 8 just scouts (spejare). Between class 9 and the scout’s 18th birthday, the scout is called an explorer scout (explorers) and has both personal activities and leader tasks as a group leader. Scouts between the ages of 18 and 22 are called rover scouts (rovers), and they usually have leader tasks with the troop. Scouts older than 22 serve as leaders (äldre ledare) and supporters for younger leaders. Activities start in August every year, but you can also join the groups at other times. 

Scouts meet their groups once a week at the troop’s premises called Winden, street address: Södra Heikelvägen 5. We also arrange one-day excursions, hikes with outdoor sleeping on weekends, accommodations with indoor sleeping on weekends and Christmas holidays, as well as more prolonged camping with sleeping in tents in summer. Sometimes we do these things with our neighbouring troops, the Swedish-speaking troops in Esbo (Espoo) and Helsingfors (Helsinki).


Although our troop is Swedish-speaking, you don’t have to be fluent in Swedish to join us. We do things together and learn by testing new things, so our activities work well even when Swedish is not your first language. If necessary, you can communicate with leaders in English or Finnish, but as some leaders may not speak English or Finnish, it’s a good idea to let us know in advance if you or your child need extra support when it comes to language.

How to join

You can join our Scout troop by writing to troop secretary Emil ( and telling him the name and age of the person who wishes to become a scout. After that, the would-be scout may come and try scouting a couple of times with the group, and by the fourth meeting, he or she should be a member of the Scout troop Grankulla Scoutkår. The troop secretary will help you through this process! As we mostly communicate with homes by e-mail, it is important that everyone is registered with the correct e-mail address.

As a member of the Scout troop, you can participate in our activities both with our troop and with the umbrella organizations Finlands Svenska Scouter and Finlands Scouter. In addition, you will regularly receive Scoutposten, the magazine of Finlands Svenska Scouter, and also have a scout insurance. The fee for all members is 80€ for one year and 14€ for the autumn only, plus a 11€ registartion fee. If needed, the Scout troop is willing to grant relief payment for membership fees and charges for participation in events – socio-economic status should not prevent anyone from being a scout.

What you need

In the beginning, no equipment will be needed, but here is a list of recommended objects that a scout will be needing as time goes on. You probably already have many of these things at home. Remember that your equipment does not have to be the very best or the most expensive to start with – you may very well use simple or less expensive equipment while you are still testing if scouting is the thing for you. The Scout troop also has some objects to lend for excursions etc. – just contact the group leader or the troop secretary if you’d like to know more.

  • Comfortable shoes for long outdoor walks
  • Rubber boots
  • Waterproof clothes
  • Proper outdoor clothes
  • A larger, convenient backpack for one-day excursions
  • A lunch box of plastic
  • A water bottle
  • A torch, flashlight or headlamp
  • A sitting pad
  • A sheath knife
  • A sleeping bag
  • Ground sheets and sleeping pads
  • A large backpack for weekend events and camping